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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Four Conversations to Set Agents Up for Success

 Questions about your 
Portland Real Estate career? 

What are the four conversations that help real estate agents? You need to talk about appointments, listings taken, homes under contract, and GCI.

Focusing on these four conversations has changed our business and the focus of our agents. These conversations helped our agents become more productive, and with more productive agents everyone is making more money, so everyone is happier.

We schedule one-on-ones at the end of each week and go over these four conversations. In terms of appointments, we set a goal each month. We figure out how many appointments the agent needs in order to hit their listing goals and, in turn, their gross commission income goal.

No one really talks about it, but everyone is in this business to earn a living. That’s why GCI is something we talk about every single week. The standard number of appointments we set is 40 each month with a two-to-one conversion ratio. That means for every two listing appointments we go on, we convert one of those into a listing taken; we’re getting a buyer broker agreement or a seller listing agreement. 

In today’s market, it’s incredibly important to focus on seller listings. In today’s market, there’s limited inventory. I know it’s competitive. I know it’s a tough market out there. But the bottom line is that the agents who have a seller-based business are winning.

Those are the conversations we’re having with our agents on a weekly basis: how many appointments are they getting, what’s the conversion ratio, how many homes are under contract, and what are their GCI goals for each month. We can’t tell you how great these weekly conversations have been for our team. Our agents are laser-focused on hitting their goals, and they feel more in control of their careers.

If you have any questions about implementing these four conversations in your business, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!